Saturday, 5 June 2010

bum note

Usually the favoured accessory for the sightseeing socks and sandal donning American tourist, yes you guessed it, the bum bag is back. Occasionally the fashion industry throw out a crazy yet practical trend, we had snoods last season and now, it’s the fanny pack.
You have Marc Jacobs to thank for this one; it appeared in his own line as well as in his collection for Louis Vuitton. This time round they are less fluoro monstrosities as of the eighties and early nineties, more tasselled, cowgirl hip-hoverers. Never ones to miss a cowboy theme, D&G also jumped on the, ahem, bum-wagon with an oversized, distressed denim (ooh we do love two trends in one) and tasselled one that you can have over your shoulder if feeling a little bum bag shy.
This fashion shocker comes along with the other retro trends such as cycling shorts and clogs that have reappeared on the catwalks. Now, I know you are dying to find out where you can get hold of this oh-so-stylish practical accessory yourselves; Marks and Spencer will be launching a studded leather-effect version, for around £15, in May, while across the pond American Apparel present a gold shiny one for a similar price. Want one right now? French Connection are doing a floral beauty for around £35 and River Island are doing a white canvas studded one that looks a little like a rockers codpiece.
I am dubious about this one, verdict from Reading students mainly consisted of: “What, seriously?!” However, think about the festival season and gigs, rather than donning a studded belt for festival chic you may well be popping on a bum bag, enabling you to relax with your hands free for beer, and while your friends laugh at you they’ll secretly be wishing they had one.

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