Monday, 18 October 2010

Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown

I think the critics have been pretty harsh on the Tennessee foursome, the NME claiming they've 'lost it'. I disagree. Yes, I am a little biased but their new album immediately stood out to me as different enough from their last offering, 'Only By the Night', but still true to their drawling American soulful rock. I like it, I love them.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Social Network

I was very dubious about this film. Why would I want to see a film about the billionaire geek who started the social network that now people are little embarrassed to say they're on? But, as the reviews were so glowing (ok plus Justin Timberlake is in it) I went along.

The acting is brilliant and, although it totally put me off him, you have to hand it to Justin, you're meant to hate him, and you sure do. I actually found it quite inspiring, a guy in college just makes a website and now he's the worlds youngest billionaire! Unfortunately, you have to have the brains...

So, go see it, that's all.

Oh also, just bought Tinie Tempah's album, it's great.


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